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With the diet industry booming over the past decade, it is no wonder why new companies are starting up constantly. Every week the diet industry will have a new trend or a new craze. Most of them start strong but the craze quickly diminishes when the results aren’t apparent or consistent. However, there are a few companies and new products that have hit the market and succeeded. 

A new product to the diet industry that became a surprise to some is Forskolin. Why a surprise you might ask? 

Coleus forskolin plant is a medicinal ingredient that has been around for many years. It can be used in medicines and medicinal practices to treat asthma, glaucoma and other illnesses. Now that it is being used as a dietary supplement, many question its ability to give real results. Does it work? Let’s find out. 

Although it may seem that Forskolin could be another one of those fad weight loss supplements that seems flashy and doesn’t give results, that is not the case. Forskolin is in fact a product that can do what it advertises to. 

If you work, it will work too. 

Forskolin is not a dietary supplement that does or can do all of the work for you, none of them can provide that. However, if you do put in the work then the results will be much greater. In the article you will find out how it works, things that it doesn’t do and the best way to take it. 

IMPORTANT: Due to its lack of scientific evidence, Forskolin 250 has been discontinued by the provider.

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What is Forskolin, and where does it come from? 

Forskolin is made from a Coleus Forskohlii extract in the mint family. The plant grows only in Thailand and Nepal, India

There are other Coleus Forskohlii supplements in the market, but it is Forskolin, known for its coleonol content, that is a big hit. 

Consumers that are looking for the Coleus Forskohlii ingredient itself need to be careful when doing so as it isn’t this ingredient that works for dieting purposes. It is the Forskolin Extract itself that is the active ingredient found in the plant’s root that works in a dietary supplement. Forskolin extract is the component that provides health and diet benefits. 

History of Forskolin to now

Forskolin has been used for many years in Ayurvedic medicine, known as the world’s oldest holistic body healing medicine. Ayurvedic medicine was developed over 3,000 years ago in India, hence why Forskolin, which originates in North India, is a key ingredient. This medicine is based on the belief that a healthy body needs a balanced healthy mind, body, and spirit. The people of India believe this can be achieved by taking Ayurvedic medicine. 

The key ingredients in these medicines are naturally derived from plants, just like Forskolin is. Natural remedies in these cultures are believed to be the most effective. Hence why Forskolin, a natural ingredient, is most effective for diet supplements as it’s natural and therefore gentle on the body. 

Forskolin was also once primarily used as a medicine to treat asthma. It is known as a folk medicine but is still used for the same reason in some Asian countries. The root is known is work in a similar way to conventional medicine that treats asthma as it works to boost the levels of a compound called cyclic AMP. This helps relax the muscles around the nasal area which in turn helps you breathe easier. 

Tests are ongoing for Forskolin treating asthma, and the results have always been positive, showing the plant does work the way it is believed to. In a study in 2006, “the number of patients who had asthma attacks during the treatment period was significantly lower among those receiving forskolin (8/20, 40%) than among those receiving sodium cromoglycate (17/20, 85%)”.

In another study, Forskolin has been proven to other illnesses. As well as helping relieve pressure in the nasal area, it can relieve pressure in the eyes which has helped treat glaucoma. Forskolin is a medicine glaucoma patients would always be offered if they were asthma suffers, as it is a better alternative to other medicines that could be offered

Forskolin has and can be taken for many reasons. In folk medicine, it was a big hit and since then, the ingredient has been popularised in the health and wellness industry. 

Forskolin Benefits

In its natural state many years ago, the locals of the Indian subcontinent, Nepal, consumed Forskolin as a drink. They would boil the root of the coleus plant to make tea, which promotes wellness. 

forskolin benefits

Today, Forskolin is known for its weight loss and weight management benefits. Research shows that Forskolin can aid weight loss and build muscle mass through many different actions. 

1 – Increases metabolic rate

Part of Forskolin’s structure works in the same way as glucose does, as it helps to activate the cellular messenger through cAMP. You may wonder what is cAMP and why is it important?

The cyclic amp is the full name for cAMP. Usually, cAMP can only be activated with stimulants, the most popular one being caffeine. However, Forskolin doesn’t use any stimulants and still works the same way caffeine does.

A high level of cAMP in the body increases metabolic rate, communication, and overall activity levels. This increased metabolic state will remove any issues such as metabolic syndrome, which is a problem as it causes the metabolic rate to decrease calories and fat loss. 

2 – Forskolin for weight loss

Science proves that Forskolin aids weight loss and manages to maintain it by creating enzymes, these are called lipase and adenylate cyclase. These enzymes combined work together to release fatty acids from the cells in your body.

After fatty acids are released, this means they can be burned as fuel which helps in fat loss and does not affect the body’s muscle mass. 

The weight loss is most sufficient and noticeable when the consumer has a nutritious, healthy diet along with exercise. Forskolin helps to increase fat burning, therefore exercise and a balanced diet need to also be taken into consideration for the best results. 

3 – Helps decrease stored body fat

Forskolin also works to decrease the body’s fat content. It does this by activating and therefore increasing the enzymes in the body that work to reduce the ability of fat cells to metabolize glucose. High glucose levels in the body encourage cells to store fat. 

However, Forskolin’s ingredients help metabolize glucose which is important to ensure carbohydrate content isn’t consumed and all stored as fat. Instead,  the supplement works to reduce the distribution of fat cells which will block fat accumulation

4 – Helps suppress appetite and cravings

Pure extract of Forskolin from its root is a natural appetite suppressant. The ingredient by itself works to curb cravings by tricking your stomach into feeling fuller after meals. This will encourage how much weight a person can lose as suppressing your appetite will result in you eating less, meaning fewer calories for your body to expand. 

5 – Supports building of lean muscle

When evaluating someone’s body composition, it is important to look at the lean body mass, not just the overall body mass. Lean muscle comes from fat burning and calorie loss and is enhanced by diet methods such as Forskolin. 

A higher or increased percentage of lean body mass is better for the body in order to attain weight loss. Body mass itself is made up of your fat and muscle content, whereas lean body mass focuses on the muscles. Leaner muscles equate to a leaner body, therefore Forskolin supports the gain of lean muscle. 

6 – Helps increase energy levels

Consuming more energy than is consumed can cause weight gain. Therefore a vital property of Forskolin is to encourage the increase of energy levels. By doing so the ingredients activate your energy and attain quicker release of energy, resulting in more energy being expended than consumed overall. High energy levels helps in the weight loss support of the body. 

7 – Promotes a healthy hormone balance

When the body has a high amount of lean body mass, which Forskolin supports and encourages, the muscles rely on a sufficient supply of endogenous testosterone. To gain lean body mass, the body needs testosterone as science proves, testosterone is a resulting factor of hormonal reactions. 

It may be that Forskolin could have a favorable impact on enhancing testosterone levels, therefore increasing the chance to gain lean body mass.

Another benefit of Forskolin that works well alongside high testosterone levels is high levels of cAMP, which is a benefit Forskolin provides, as discussed above. They work in favor of one another and more cAMP leads to higher testosterone, resulting in lean body mass. 

Ingredients- What is Forskolin Made of ?

This is one of the first diet supplements well known for its very short ingredient list. The official product typically contains pure Forskolin root extract. It is standard for Forskolin supplement to have a 20% coleus forskohlii content, as this percentage encourages a suppressed appetite and increases metabolism to help you lose weight. 

The reason behind Forskolin supplement only containing the pure extract is down to the scientific studies that show negative results if mixed with other ingredients. Forskolin works best as a pure substance that attains better results. 

forskolin extract review for weight loss

Who is Forskolin for?

Forskolin can be taken by both men and women. Results have concluded show men are predominant in achieving the best results. A study by Obesity Research in 2012 researched the effects of Forskolin in overweight males. The men were tested by taking 250mg 10% X2 Forskolin supplements.

The researchers were looking at their body composition, metabolic rate, blood pressure, and testosterone in particular. 

After the 12 week study, the males averaged a reputable decrease in body fat and mass. Showing positive results of fat loss also replicated how the weight loss supplement does work. The male’s testosterone and lean muscle content also increased. 

Moreover, a recent study for women was taken and the results showed to be less effective. Previous studies have been a success in showing fat loss and improvement in body composition. 

However, a 2005 study was performed and the results proved to be less direct. The researchers in this study gave the same dosage of Forskolin as the male study taken in 2012, giving them 250mg 10% X2 supplements. 

After the 12 week program, the results showed no difference in women taking Forskolin and women taking a placebo group version. It is difficult to suggest that all people can benefit from taking the diet supplement as it is advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine whilst taking Forskolin. 

It is also very important to consider your health condition and concerns before taking the weight loss supplement. Read below for cautions and scientific conclusions for health condition that should avoid or take careful precautions with Forskolin. 

Pros and cons of Forskolin

Aids weight loss Harmful side effects if precautions are not taken
Increases metabolismCould be considered expensive 
Suppresses your appetite and curbs cravings Mixed user reviews 
Increases lean body mass Studies show it works best on men than on women 
Has a positive history in the health industry 
Uses natural ingredients 
Helps increase energy levels 

Dosage: How to use Forskolin

Read our dosage advice before taking Forskolin extract :

When to take Forskolin?

You can start taking Forskolin any time you wish to. Before taking the supplements, you must ensure you are fit and healthy to do so. If you suffer with any kidney, heart or blood pressure problems, you should not take Forskolin. 

When you are ready to begin taking them, start with your first capsule before your first meal of the day. This will depend on whether you want to take the maintenance or maximum dosage. Therefore, you will either start the course of supplements before breakfast or lunch. 

If you have any dangerous side effects then you should stop taking Forskolin immediately and if necessary, seek medical advice. 

What dosages should you respect

It is advised to take Forskolin on an empty stomach 30 to 40 minutes before a meal. You take it twice a day for a maintenance dosage. One capsule before lunch and one more before dinner. 

For maximum results, you can take Forskolin three times a day. One before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each capsule is generally 250mg 10-20% pure extract. 

What to do if you forget to take Forskolin

If you forget to take your weight loss supplement by missing one capsule, it is advised to wait until the next dosage, meaning before the next meal. Do not take after eating as this will not provide the best results. 

It isn’t harmful to miss one and will not affect results if it is just one capsule. 

Precautions to take when taking Forskolin

Forskolin is a mostly safe product, as researched and confirmed by scientists. However, it is still important to take precautions, especially those with health concerns. 

Those that have issues with their heart, kidneys and blood pressure should not take Forskolin. It is advised for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to seek professional medical advice before taking Forskolin, just like any other dietary supplement. 

How to keep Forskolin

Keep Forskolin in a cool dry place in the sealed container. Keep it away from children. Do not use it if the seal becomes damaged or broken. 

Risks, hazards and side effects 

What are the side effects of taking forskolin? Here is everything you need to know before taking this fat burner supplement:

Forskolin Side Effects

There are numerous diet supplements on the market that have had bad press for dangerous side effects. These include vomiting, nausea, increased blood pressure, migraines, anxiety and much more. These are normal side effects that can be experienced from all diet supplements. 

Potential side effects of Forskolin itself include temporary gas, stomach pain, constipation, headaches, dehydration, dizziness, increased blood pressure or sickness. These possible side effects of forskolin supplements are rare and vary from one person to another.

Due to Forskolin being a scientifically studied ingredient, it is mostly safe. Forskolin interacts with the metabolic system in the body in a positive way, therefore scientists suggest that the ingredient cannot harm the cardiac system, meaning there is a low chance of high blood pressure, heart attacks and other cardiac issues. 


Due to there being an increasing number of companies producing and selling new weight loss solutions, customers must be careful and check the ingredients. It cannot be guaranteed that all Forskolin supplements are safe and this is because some companies may mix the ingredient with other potentially dangerous ingredients. 

Due to the increase of unsafe supplements, the US Food and Drug Administration, more commonly known as the FDA, have increased customer cautions for the industry and the market. 

After an acute poisoning case in Europe after consumption of Forskolin that had been mixed with a harmful ingredient, the FDA advises users to make sure they do not take the weight loss supplement with another drug that may not mix well together. 

Aside from harmful side effects, those that take other medication or have surgery are advised not to take Forskolin. This is known as relative contraindication, meaning that caution should be taken if two procedures or drugs are being taken together. 

Those at higher risk of relative contraindication are those with kidney disease, low blood pressure, taking blood thinners or medication for heart conditions. 

Drug interactions not recommended

Due to there being a high risk for contamination if you take Forskolin with other drugs that do not agree, drug interaction is not recommended. 

If an ingredient like Forskolin is mixed with dangerous ingredients, this can cause a harmful effect on the consumer. This is when two drugs that shouldn’t be mixed together should only be taken together under precautions. To ensure the Forskolin you will take is safe, it is advised to discuss it with a doctor. 

Focus on the effectiveness of Forskolin

Scientific review and conclusions

As previously mentioned, Forskolin has other health benefits than just weight loss and fat burning. Scientists are still studying its ability to treat other health concerns such as cancer, lowering blood pressure, improving heart strength to even stimulating the body’s ability to get a suntan. 

Tests have been done on animals by scientists, not on humans, to see if the product could have an effect on cancer. The results showed a positive effect, which could lead to a potential lead in cancer aid. 

There are numerous ways Forskolin can be consumed, so always beware which type of Forskolin you are purchasing if you want it for aid in weight loss. More information for where to purchase will be discussed below.  

Forskolin reviews

Users review and testimonials

With there being mixed but mostly positive scientific studies, it is important to know what the users of Forskolin think. These reviews are for the Forskolin diet supplement for losing weight, fat burning and other body healthy benefits. 

Many say the products work are there are visible results within a month of taking the product. Some reviewers are those who have high blood pressure and have said the weight loss supplement hasn’t affected this which is an important and helpful health information for those who have a high blood pressure to. Although, user reviews cannot guarantee no side effects it is helpful to know how others deal with the product. Remember to always get advice from a professional before taking the product, especially if you have health concerns or conditions.

Review forskolin
Review from user forskolin
Real review on forskolin supplement
Review forskolin 2
Review forskolin from user
A verified review on forskolin

Our final opinion on Forskolin

It is important to understand that Forskolin extract is not a miracle solution to losing weight. Studies have shown that some people lose weight and burn a lot of fat, but some show that weight stays the same whilst the body’s fat content reduces.

The results vary depending on the gender, age and lifestyle of the person. It is highly recommended to maintain a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly alongside Forskolin to ensure the best results. 

How to Buy Forskolin: the Complete Guide

Where to buy Forskolin

You can purchase Forskolin diet supplements on their official website. There, you will find the best discounts and bundle prices. The company is FDA registered and the product is made in a GMP approved facility. They are also PayPal verified with secure checkout, ensuring customers safety with online payments. 

Forskolin supplements specifically for weight loss, management and lean muscle mass are also available online at other global stockists such as Amazon, Walmart. Be careful not to purchase Forskolin that is not for weight loss if that’s your intended purpose. 

Special discounts, membership area, subscriptions

On their website is where you can find the best discounts. They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with the product or have any issues. 

Discounts may be offered across other global online sellers too, these discounts and offers may vary. 

Forskolin price

The prices vary depending on whether you would prefer a single order or a bundle. It is best value when purchasing a bundle as you will receive a bigger discount. 

  • 6 bottles of Forskolin from the official website is $139.80, equating to $23.30 each which saves you $219.90.
  • 4 bottles totals $111.80, equating to $34.95 each, saving you $50.00. Purchasing
  • 1 bottle will cost you $49.95. 

Prices for the other online retailers vary and can be checked via their websites, as can their discounts and offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take Forskolin to work?

Studies have shown that the effects of Forskolin supplements will start appearing after 12 weeks. Yes, this may seem like a long time, but it is important to remember that this is a natural supplement. It can take time for the body to adjust to the new supplement and start seeing results.

Some people may see results sooner than 12 weeks, while others may not until after the 12-week mark. It is important to be patient and continue taking the supplement as directed to see the best results.

Can you take Forskolin and keto together?

Yes, you can take Forskolin and keto together, provided you do so under the guidance and supervision of a medical professional. Both of these supplements can have powerful effects on the body, and it is important to ensure that you take them safely.

Is forskolin safe for diabetics?

Forskolin is safe for diabetics. It can help regulate blood sugar levels. However, if you are diabetic and considering taking Forskolin, it is something you should speak to your doctor about.


Forskolin is not a magic product and cannot provide results without the user putting work in. To get the best results, consumers must sustain a healthy diet and exercise. Scientific studies prove that exercise needs to be performed in order to achieve and attain results. As well as this, studies also suggest that the supplement cannot guarantee results. No diet supplement can or has so far. 

Many user reviews provide positive results, whereas some conclude in no results at all. It all depends on the person, their health and their lifestyle. These mixed reviews are what has created mystery around the product as to whether it works or not. 

There may be better alternative products to Forskolin. However, due to it having a positive medicinal history, Forskolin is a product that is natural and has a history of being safe for the body. To ensure safety, customers read before they buy. 

There are other diet supplements on the market that can provide other health benefits and diet solutions. Which weight loss supplement you take will is up to the individual to decide. It simply depends what results you wish to achieve. For results to conclude in weight loss, leaner muscles and increased energy levels, Forskolin may be the best product to take. This is due to the proof, history and studies of the ingredient providing great results, but only if consumer sustains a healthy lifestyle. 

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