Postdoctoral Fellows

- Dr. Tadilo Bogale, PhD UCL 2013, Postdoctoral fellow

- Dr. Jeongho Kwak, PhD KAIST 2014, Postdoctoral fellow


Graduate Students

- Nguyen, Dai (M.Sc student, Sept. 2014-present)

- Tran, Tam (M.Sc student, Jan. 2015-present)

- Nguyen, TiTi (PhD student, May 2016-present)

- Thinh Tran (PhD student, January 2016-present)

- Hoang, Tuong (PhD student, July 2013-present)

- Nguyen, Hieu (PhD student, Jan 2013-present)


NECPHY-Lab Alumni

- Dr. Ha, Nguyen Vu (PhD student, INRS 2016). Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada

- Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed (PhD UBC 2014), Postdoctoral fellow (2016). Current position: Engineer at Intel, USA.

- Dr. Juan Duncan, (PhD 2012, UPC Spain), NECPHY-Lab Scientist (2013-2016). Current position: Research associate, University of Luxembourg

- Dr. Duy Nguyen (PhD 2013, McGill), FRQNT postdoctoral fellow (2013-2015). Current position: Assistant Professor, San Diego State University, US.

- Dr. Tan Le (PhD 2015, INRS). Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, Arizona State University

- Dr. Duy Ngo (PhD 2013, McGill), won NSERC and FQRNT Postdoc Fellowship. Current position: Senior lecturer, University of Newcastle, Australia.

- Mr. Redouane Sassioui (MSc 2015, INRS). Current position: PhD student, INRS

- Mr. Duong Nguyen, (MSc 2014, INRS), won "best master thesis award" at INRS. Current position: PhD student, University of British Columbia.